Wet weather has been a problem for flintlock shooters since the lock was invented in about 1610. Those of us who favor that ignition system in today's world are faced with the same difficulties, and it seems that many of us never overcome them. That's too bad.  It is a real disappointment to have gotten in position to take a nice deer or elk and fail to do so because the pan is full of slush, instead of the good dry prime we need.  Disappointing, but almost totally avoidable. Wet weather flintlock shooting is a learned skill, and we can overcome the problem with the application of a little thought and effort.  Well here's the answer, I found this design of an original one on page 235 of  the "Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution".  The cows knee will be made of elk, pig or sheep hide, hand rubbed with a bear grease & tallow mixture to make a water tight seal, this one fits a large "Siler "/ "Trade Gun" / "Fowler" / "Musket" locks or one of that size, this is what they used in the old days. {Color may vary from one in picture} Please feel free to Email me with any question you might have.

PRICE: $15.00 {Regular lock }

            $20.00 { Large lock } +S&H



This pouch was made using vegetable tanned cow hide which I hand rubbed several applications of a bees wax followed by a coat of bear oil to produce a nice dark chocolate color. All stitching and seams were treated with bees wax.
The hand stitched  pouch measures approximately 2 1/2" wide at the bottom then tapers to 7/8" at the top, it is 4 1/2"in length and a 1 1/4" thick, the pouch will hold your swan or bird shot, it comes complete with a handmade wooden stopper and deer brain tanned leather landyards. Just in time for the spring tukey hunting season.
 This type of pouch is ideal while hunting turkey, squirrel, goose, rabbit, also good for reenactments, trekking or it would make a good prize for a blanket shoot also, a real quality made item and a nice addition to your hunting bag or to wear around your neck.

PRICE:  $20.00  +S&H



PRICE $30 per Set or $15 each + S&H





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