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Ottawa side seam leggings with flaps {1750's}
smoked color elk hidesI have a limited supply of these hides left, they are a bit more pricier but these hides have the look, feel & texture of regular brain tanned, I put them beside my smoked brain tanned hides & besides the smell of smoke it's hard to tell the difference, these leggings are hand stitched with artificial sinew, there is a thong lacing attached on  the top that ties to your belt.

*Native Reenactor Jim Carrol {pictures "A"} is wearing our Leggings, Woodland Moccasins, and Trade Shirt.

A & B} Elk tanned leggings
C} Brain Tanned hide leggings

**garment weight Elk commercial braintanned**{ inquire for brain tanned pricing}

*Please check out our "Instructions Tab" for proper measurement for a custom fit

PRICE: $120.00  + S&H {Elk pricing}

To Order e-mail athistorysdoor@outlook.com or Call 919-428-7811

**Braintan Deer Leggings - contact  for availability and Pricing {as Braintan is seasonal}

"German Tanned Leggings "

Ottawa styled side seams with flaps or fringed styled

Made using deer German tanned hides, finest quality hides, the closet thing to deer brain tanned hides, have the same look feel and texture as brain tanned.

PRICE: $250 TO $265 Depending on size


 Ottawa Style Wool Leggings

Ottawa side seam wool leggings with flaps {1750's} , I have a good  supply of wool, right now I am offering navy blue and hunter green coating wool, these leggings are hand stitched with waxed linenthread , there is a elk leather thong lacing sewn to the the top that ties to your belt. , you will receive leggings similar to the one's pictured.

 ** you will receive leggings similar to the one that is pictured.

*Please check out our "Instructions Tab"  for proper measurement for a custom fit

PRICE: $65.00  + S&H

FOR ALL ORDERING - I accept Paypal, Postal Money Orders & Personal checks (items shipped AFTER check has cleared) .  Just send me an email with the discription of the item you would like and you will be contacted soon after.  Deposits required on some Items.

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