FOR ALL ORDERING - I accept Paypal, Postal Money Orders & Personal checks (items shipped AFTER check has cleared) .  Just send me an email with the discription of the item you would like and you will be contacted soon after.  Deposits required on some Items.

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I need a few measurements for your Leggings
1. Inseam ( measure from the ground to mid thigh or about a hands width above the knee
2. circumference of your ankle
3. circumference of your calf
4. circumference of your knee
5.  circumference of your thigh
MOCCASINS - Center Seam/ Woodland

For your Moccasins
 I will need a tracing of your foot, regular shoe size & the circumference of your arch measurement
Please send tracing, arch measurement, and shoe size to the address below, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

MOCCASIN - Pucker Toe
I need your foot tracing, your regular shoe size, your arch circumference and how many inches from the tip of your longest toe to the base of your toes


Here is how to put together your own tinder box, so that you can make a fire the same way that people did 200 years ago.  First you will need some cloth.  Linen is the traditional fabric, but 100% cotton works fine {old tee shirts, jeans, G.I. cleaning patches, etc.}, and it’s a lot cheaper!  You must be sure to use only completely natural fabrics.  This is for 2 reasons, first, synthetics didn’t exist 200 years ago, and second, they don’t char – they melt, and leave you with a useless mess!  Cut the cloth into pieces.  I have had success with patches as small as 2 inches square.

Next you will have to find a small tin can with a tight lid.  A small paint can would work.  I have used both a small twist lid tobacco tin and a tea tin with success.  You will have to punch 2 small holes – one in the top and one in the bottom of the can.  The holes should be less than 1/8” in diameter.  You should have 2 little twigs on hand, about 6 inches or more in length and whittled so as to fit snugly into the holes you have punched in the tin.  Some tongs will be needed to remove the hot tin from your fire safely.

Build a fire, and let it die down until you have a nice bed of roasting coals.  {you could probably use a charcoal barbeque for this, if that is more convenient}.  If this is the first time you have used your tin, I would strongly suggest that you put it in the fire to burn off and paint or oils that might be on the can.  If you don’t, these materials will ruin your first batch of char cloth.  When the tin is black with peeling paint, take it out of the fire, let it cool, and brush off the ash.  You will be left with a dark, mottled steel effect that has a certain charm.